Crown Australia Venture Capital specialise in providing both late stage and early expansion capital to Australian companies to help support their growth. We take a technology and industry neutral approach and invest in a diverse and balanced portfolio of venture capital opportunities.

Typically these opportunities will have some of or most of the following characteristics:

  • nascent to medium sized Australian businesses that require capital to achieve strategic and or growth objectives
  • experienced managers and management capability
  • compelling business model
  • expansion opportunities into China / global markets
  • sound governance, and
  • have total assets of <$250 million.

Please contact us with any questions regarding venture capital either to investor or seeking investment.

Australian Innovation Fund VCLP

open to investment

The Australian Innovation Fund (AIF) VCLP has been established to provide investors with an opportunity to invest in venture capital, an alternative asset class with the potential to generate high levels of capital growth.

AIF has the flexibility to make investments across any stage of venture capital with the focus predominately on ‘Late VC’ and ‘Early Expansion’ stage businesses.

AIF invests in a broad portfolio of venture capital opportunities and will not focus exclusively on a particular sector. Rather, the focus will be on small to medium size Australian industrial businesses with expansion opportunities into China and South East Asia.

Target Fund size is $40 million with a first close 1H16, or date determined by the General Partner.

Crown SIV Investment Fund & Loan


SIV applicants pre scheme changes (24th April 2015) can still utilise this solution. Please contact us for further information.